About Us

About Us

Born from a team of passionate pilots and travel enthusiasts who grew up around airports, Aircraft Logix has developed into one of the nation’s most prominent private charter services. Our company provides expertise for our clients – negotiating leases, brokering charters and manages aircraft operations both on-site and remotely. Since 2006, we have specialized in airliner flights for large groups, professional and NCAA sports teams, VIPs, heads of state, A-List celebrities and band tours. We may be able to fly your plane, but we don’t own or operate the one you will use! All aircraft are operated by U.S. Part 121 / 135 certified air carriers or the foreign carrier equivalent. This affords a unique benefit, as we are able to provide an unbiased solution path to your aviation needs, with complete transparency. We are committed to your privacy, security, comfort, and peace of mind – whether you need to fly the team to a business meeting or you want to take a quick trip to the Caribbean for the weekend, we’ve got what it takes to make your experience nothing short of excellent.

By utilizing longstanding industry relationships and always putting our clients’ needs first, Aircraft Logix sets a new standard for all.

Once you experience a charter comprehensively managed by our company, you’ll never want to book with anyone else!

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